Support Patrners for Our Customers
At High Point Exhibitions, we have aligned our talents with a few valued partners to provide the highest level of service to our customers.
Please take a moment to review short introductions from Michael Waggoner, International Masrket Expert, and Ron Curlee, Interior Design Expert.

Michael Waggoner

American Furniture Connection​

Michael Waggoner has been a strategic partner with High Point Exhibitions, Inc. for the past 3 years. He brings 49 years of sales, sales management and product development experience to the company.

He is responsible for identifying and analyzing international organizations that require HPE’s expertise. Then, he leads them thorough the process of planning, organizing, and implementation to provide the very best chance for success.

Ron Curlee

Interior Design Expert

Ron Curlee is a long-time expert in design consultation, product line evalaution, and event space layout for the High Point Market.

Ronb’s artistic ability and vast experience at the market includes selecting the right walls design, flooring, accessories and Art.